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Your orthodontic practice with holistic solutions for children, adolescents and adults with misaligned teeth and jaws.

At Isarsmile, we have pursued our vision from the very beginning: to offer people with orthodontic concerns exactly the treatment that provides the best possible individual functional and/or esthetic result.

With digital technology, state-of-the-art practice equipment, professional excellence, independent of commercial interests, but above all: a great deal of empathy and understanding.

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Why Isarsmile?

We work with holistic solutions for misaligned teeth and jaws for children, adolescents and adults.

For the best possible functional and aesthetic results, we respond to your individual wishes and needs with empathy and without time pressure.

We look at tooth and jaw misalignments in a whole-body and interdisciplinary context in order to be able to diagnose possible malformations of the jaw and teeth at an early stage - also in collaboration with other disciplines.

We attach great importance to aesthetics and function. For us, orthodontics means that you can not only smile with pleasure, but also breathe, drink, chew, swallow and speak optimally.

Advice is very important to us. Honesty, independence and empathy are values that we sustainably pursue in every treatment.

Thanks to digital technology and state-of-the-art practice equipment, you will experience maximum comfort and efficiency in your treatment.

3 treatment steps
at Isarsmile

Getting to know each other, diagnosis & setting the course

In this phase, the therapist will get to know the patient better, make a diagnosis and set therapy goals together.

Treatment plan and cost breakdown

An individual treatment plan is drawn up, taking into account the diagnosis, and a transparent cost breakdown is provided.

Start of treatment & regular appointments

The actual treatment begins and regular appointments are made to monitor progress and adjust the therapy.

Information & Knowledge

What are the aims of orthodontics?

The goals of orthodontics include the creation of an individually optimized bite function and aesthetics.

Why aligners from a specialist dentist?

In a specialist examination, we assess your individual situation, taking into account your bite, jaw joint, breathing, tongue position and functional and aesthetic aspects. This enables a personal, specialist and holistic assessment of all relevant findings for individual therapy. Arrange an initial consultation in our practice.

Do fixed braces restrict my everyday life?

Removable transparent aligners mean minimal restrictions in everyday life, while fixed bracket systems can be uncomfortable, especially in the first few days. We define your goals together and support you on the way to realizing them.

What is a bracket?

A transparent ceramic or metal bracket is bonded to the tooth to allow the tooth to move physically.

What are “invisible” braces?

Invisible orthodontics can be achieved with the help of transparent aligners or almost invisible transparent brackets.

Do you need a referral for orthodontics?

You can make a non-binding initial consultation appointment at our practice at any time without a referral, regardless of whether you come as a parent with a child or as an adult. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

Loose or fixed braces?

The decision between removable (e.g. aligners) or fixed braces (brackets) depends on the severity, the type of tooth movement required and the individual treatment goals. We will discuss all available options with you.

Does health insurance pay for orthodontic treatment for adults?

Not always. However, depending on the KIG classification and the need for oral surgery, it is quite possible that the statutory health insurance will cover part of the costs of orthodontic treatment for adults. Private supplementary insurance may also cover costs, depending on the terms of the policy.

I am afraid of going to the dentist and also of orthodontists. How can I get help?

We have a lot of experience with anxiety patients, empathy and sensitivity and do everything we can to make your appointments in our practice as pleasant as possible. Where possible, we replace unpleasant impression taking with state-of-the-art scanning technology.

How long does the treatment at Isarsmile take?

The duration of orthodontic treatment varies depending on the degree of difficulty and extent and can range from six months to three years.

What is an oral vestibule plate used for and is it painful?

Oral vestibular plates are an orthodontic appliance that is used to influence jaw and tooth growth. They are available in different sizes and are not painful. The plates are used to bring the tongue to the palate in the mouth and to train the muscles around the mouth. It also promotes nasal breathing. They are particularly effective for young patients. Isarsmile offers professional fitting and support for the application of oral vestibule plates.

Why is nasal breathing so important and how can orthodontics help?

Nasal breathing plays a crucial role in the health of teeth and jaws. Mouth breathing can lead to numerous problems, including misaligned teeth and unhealthy facial development. Isarsmile focuses on eliminating the causes of mouth breathing and promoting nasal breathing to maintain the health of teeth and jaws.

How can orthodontic treatment help with faulty swallowing and tongue dysfunction?

Incorrect swallowing and tongue dysfunction can be caused by misalignment of the jaw or teeth. Isarsmile offers holistic orthodontic care to correct these problems and restore healthy oral function. Our treatments are designed to eliminate the causes and achieve long-term results.

Can orthodontics help with lisping and speech therapy?

Yes. Misalignments of the jaw or teeth can lead to speech problems such as lisping. Our orthodontic treatment can help to correct the cause of these problems and support speech development. We work closely with experienced speech therapists to find the best possible treatment for each patient.

What influence do pacifiers and thumb sucking have on tooth development?

Prolonged pacifier or thumb sucking can lead to malocclusion, which impairs the healthy development of teeth and jaws. We are happy to support you in helping your child to break these habits and offer individual treatment plans to correct any misalignments.

At what age should I or my child see an orthodontist?

Ideally, the first visit to the orthodontist should take place at around six to seven years of age so that any existing misalignments can be detected at an early stage. However, orthodontic treatment is possible at any age.

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